The Leading Power Delivery Magnetic Cable That Works On ANY Device

Lifetime Warranty!

Not only compatible with all your power delivery USB C devices, VOLTA XL also fully supports 87W USB-C power adapter charging for the 15-inch MacBook Pro and 60W 13-inch MacBook Pro!

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Power Drive Magnetic Cable
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The Toughest Cable You've Ever Owned

In the unlikely (apocalyptic) event that one of our cables breakd, we've got your back. 

All VOLTA customers get a lifetime warranty. No arbitrary time limit, no questions asked.

 A Lifetime Guarantee 

Two perfectly complementary N52-Grade Neodymium ‎reversible magnets in a 360‎° orientation deliver a powerful, durable cable. 

Like MagSafe, VOLTA XL offers extra protection by detaching from your device instantly if you accidentally snag the cord.

Works With Any Device

Whatever device you use, you're covered (even laptops!).

You can transform a regular cable into a universal magnetic charging cable that works for ANY device.

Fast Charging

Don't let low battery hold your back. VOLTA XL gives you the gift of time.

Our 4.3 Amps, 18K gold-plated copper core plug & 24 AWG copper wires, along with the Volta smart chips, guarantee a lightning-fast charge.

Help The World, Not Just Your Wallet

VOLTA isn't just about creating great and affordable products, we are about touching lives. 

We achieve this by donating up to 40% of our earnings to health and education projects in third world nations.

Reliability Guaranteed

VOLTA has passed some seriously strict reliability tests. We guarantee it'll outlast any other cable ‎no matter what you do (short of taking an axe to it!).

And remember, even if something does happen, you'll have a lifetime warranty.

How It Works

With VOLTA, it's safe, simple, and easy to transform your existing charger into a universal charger:

1) Insert the connector tip into the port of your device(s)

2) The VOLTA XL Magnetic Charging Cable will magnetically connect when placed near the tip inside your device(s)

3) You're ready to go!​

One Cable For All Your Devices...

The VOLTA XL Magnetic Charging Cable supports all USB C devices, including your game consoles and other gadgets.

(Even Your Laptop)

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Our VOLTA 1.0 Magnetic Charging Cable received incredible reviews. VOLTA XL is even better.